Din Mijlocul Haitei


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“Din Mijlocul Haitei” (From the Middle of the Pack) is the drama of a young, Michael, which is in financial impasse and becomes desperate to find out that his wife, Corina is pregnant. Forced by circumstances, he surrenders to the temptation of his boss, the owner of the premises where Michael works as a bartender by accepting to do various unknown commissions. Soon, he will find out that he is acting behind a network of drug traffickers. Thus, it penetrates into a “world of dogs” where the stake has already been played and where is no way to get back. Now, he is alone, in the middle of the pack and that is going to lead him to perdition.



Din Mijlocul Haitei

A film by Nicolas Masson
Produced by Niki Coman
Screenplay by Viorel Mihalcea
Film Editing by Petre Oprea
Cinematography by Miki Balbaie


George Rusu
Marian RĂ¢lea
Dodo Voitis
Alexandru Atanasoaie
Iulia Popescu
Nicolas Masson