“Who is like the beast? Who can make war against him?” Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:4

Inspired by actual events, but never publicized facts, the NEKRO story is staged in settings and locations specific to the mid-eighties in Romania. Its basic building block is the eternal fight between God and Satan. “Securitatea”, then the Communist State Security Service, spots out an illegal religious sect. David, a colonel serving with Securitatea, is assigned to eradicate the sect. He arrests the leader of the sect and subjects him to a series of sadistic interrogations. During the interrogations, David’s mind blurs out. He gets revelations from the World of Darkness, and starts acting as a demon-possessed man.

Eight years later, the chief of the satanic sect, who is hiding under another identity, returns to Romania as a film producer unleashing a series of murders, followed up by necrophilia practices, which are live filmed and afterwards sell.

Do God and Satan exist?

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